Independent Villas Built On your Own Land

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Your Own Silence Of Heaven..
The Hummingbird is considered a bringer of joy, luck, hope, comfort, optimism, abundance and independence. Aren't these the same things we seek in home ? Appropriate then, that this tiny yet extraordinary bird is the mascot for our new community of luxury villas, BBCL Villa Haven.

Inspired by the extravagant art deco era, a home at villa haven offers you all the space and privacy you crave, in a lush, thriving ecosysytem, with a beautiful view of the thiruverkadu lake and with renowned hospitals educational institutions, malls, cinema multiplexes, and department stores within a 10km radius here's the harmonious lifestyle that you seek, without any compromises.
Villas That Brighten your Life

More Sunlight
Our Villas have ample space between them to allow natural light into your home.

4 side ventilation
Open spaces on all sides of the villas make free flow of air possible,and as a result, interiors remain cooler and fresher.

No Noise Disturbance
There are no common walls between our villas.Hence the noise from neighbouring homes will not ruin your peace.

100% Vaastu Compliance
Our villas are built according to Vaastu principles so you get the best out of sunlight, wind and the surrounding greenery

Model Villa Video

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Corporate Office

BBCL Villa Haven
New No 20, (Old No.23/2), Mylai Ranganathan Street,
T. Nagar,Tamilnadu, India.
Chennai - 600 017.

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