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Corporate Philosophy

Established in 1986, BBCL is Chennai's trusted developer operating in 3 segments of residential development such as Premium/Luxury/Ultra Luxury.

Currently the company has over 2 million sq.ft of residential spaces in various locations. In the last two decades, the company has executed over 40 projects in the city. BBCL showcases a dedicated team of in-house professionals, consultants and architects who use a variety of efficient construction technologies for unparalleled quality of construction, and timely delivery of projects. BBCL believes that a home is where the heart truly is. Hence, we aspire to infuse life into living in every endeavor that we undertake.

BBCL has been consistently pursuing new trends by engaging several architects of repute - both domestic and international - to forge innovative concepts, and excel in efficient space management. Our focus is also on the improvisation of unimaginable life style.

God is in the details. And BBCL pays utmost attention to every single detailing, be it legalities or timelines. BBCL identifies, synergizes and leverages dispersed capabilities, forging the innovation of various products. BBCL aims to set new standards for quality in creating the home that reflects its true brand philosophy.

"Adding Life To Living"


Headquartered in Chennai, BBCL is headed by founder and chairman, Shri. Vummidi Ramiah. His unrelenting passion and keen spirit find expression in his young and zealous sons, Vummidi Ananth and Vummidi Barath.



The Indian Green Building Council - Consensus focused committee

BBCL is dedicated to building greener homes which not only benefit the residents, but also the environment. Some of the key factors involved in building a green home are use of eco-friendly building materials which help conserve nature. Buildings are more energy efficient, as they have an envelope around them, which help save energy. Sewage water is recycled for gardening, making our properties water efficient. We also focus on more than adequate greenery, landscaping and make sure our homes get enough day light which overall helps to save electricity.

We have been consistently pursuing new trends by engaging several architects of repute - both domestic and international - to forge greener concepts, and excel in efficient space management. It is because of our focus that our properties are pre-cretified by the IGBC. Our planning and features is awarded a gold rating by the IGBC.

We are proud of the way we make homes for you.


The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India

Established in 1999, the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) brings together more than 11500 Real Estate Developers from 154 city chapters across 23 states of India. As the apex body for private sector developers, CREDAI has consistently worked to make the industry more organized and progressive. CREDAI has developed into a preferred platform with regard to national discourse on housing and habitat through its close and deep networking with government, policy makers, investors, finance companies, consumers, real estate professionals and developers.

CREDAI’s code of conduct promotes self-governance and ethical practices and is adopted voluntarily by all its members. CREDAI is also a knowledge sharing forum for the latest industry data, technology advancements, industry benchmarks and international situation from time to time.

Scheme Credits


    Arvind Varuna Associates

  • IGBC

    Raj & Associates


    Pal Designs


    Prism Consultants


    Kriti Consultants

Certificates and Awards


Vummidi Ramiah

Founder & Chairman

Vummidi Ramiah, is one of the most respected names in the Chennai Real Estate industry. A legendary businessman, Vummidi Ramiah, is an embodiment of business acumen and diversified professional corporate governance. The corporate journey that is now a success story of gritty determination and unwavering commitment started with a modest beginning in the year 1986. With a strove of inherited knowledge about the Chennai real estate market, he started the first project in the eighties. Since then, he never looked back and today his dream and vision has reached tremendous height as "Vummidi Enterprise". The vision of Vummidi Ramiah has now made Vummidi Enterprise the symbol of corporate diversity with new business verticals springing in the core business domains of Construction, Exports & Trading. As Chairman of Vummidi Enterprise, Vummidi Ramiah believes in attaining all quality standards of excellence by adhering to strict quality norms.


Vummidi Ananth

Managing Director

Vummidi Ananth, joined the Board of Directors in the year 1997. A natural flair for business and an affable personality led Vummidi Ananth to set up Bharat Agri, an export trading house. Since its inception, Barath Agri has achieved huge turnovers and established business relations across the globe.

Ananth has ambitious plans to expand, modernize and diversify business operations with professionals. He handles key functions like strategy and development, investor relationships and new project acquisitions.


Vummidi Barath

Joint Managing Director

Vummidi Barath, joined the group in the Year 2000, after completing his graduation in Business Administration. His dynamism and enthusiasm is an asset to the organization. Vummidi Barath supervises construction itself. He also manages the operations of the company. His unique style of functioning, proactive planning skills and extremely process driven approach has drawn respect from all who associate with him.