See how you can finance your dream home

Buying a home in today's time is a decision most crucial. People sometimes tend to overlook certain aspects when it comes to financing their home. We want you to start clearing your doubts from here itself. Through these answers we try and clear some of your doubts, at your pace.


  • When can I apply for a home loan?
  • What are the minimum and maximum loan amounts?
  • For What purpose can any-one avail Home Loan?
  • How many persons can be co-applicants and whether their income can be clubbed for taking Home loan?
  • What will be the repayment period for Home loan?
  • What will be the pre-payment/part-payment penalty?
  • Do I have to provide any specific security?
  • Whether Guarantor is required for availing Home Loan?
  • What documents will I require while applying for the loan?
  • How do I repay the loan?
  • How will my loan get disbursed?
  • What will be the rate of interest and fees applicable?
  • Are my property documents safe?
  • Should I obtain Legal Opinion from an Advocate even if I purchase through a Builder/Developer of Repute?
  • What are the other parameters for Banks and Housing Finance Companies to consider the Loan?
  • Whether an NRI Loan will be converted into Resident Indian Loan if the borrower is back to India for good?